Meet PERFUME, MDB's official Japanese Electro-pop group!!

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Meet PERFUME, MDB's official Japanese Electro-pop group!!

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The Introduction

Dear Participants,

Until December 2016, this message board existed for one purpose and one purpose only: To spread awareness of, and appreciation for, WINK, the official Japanese pop group of Alas, however, after much contemplation I decided that it was time to stop avoiding the inevitable and finally admit that the time had come to make a sea change by, yes, updating our official Japanese pop (a.k.a. “J-pop”) group to a newer act. This is because another group had since risen to the top and actually beaten out WINK's record for length of time producing consistent hits. . . not to mention the sad but unavoidable fact that WINK had been defunct for over 20 years by then.

Although WINK remained solvent for an unprecedented 8-year run—from 1988 to 1996--this new group has been popular and relevant for a full 15 years so far and shows no sign of stopping or slowing down. In fact, they did their third North American tour in 2019, hitting New York, Toronto, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, San Jose, and Los Angeles (in that order). They've also performed in Cannes, Cologne, Hong Kong, London, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, and Taiwan, along with every major city in their home country of Japan multiple times, of course.

That said, I now present to you:

PERFUME, the new official Japanese electro-pop group of!!

So, who are Perfume? They consist of three members. From oldest to youngest:

  • NŌCCHI, real name "Äyänō Ōmōtō." Short hair, parted down the middle. Usually always wearing shorts. Birthdate: September 20, 1988. She's also the woman in my avatar, to the right of this post.
  • KASHIYUKA, real name "Yūkä Käshinō." Long hair and bangs. Usually always wearing a skirt. Birthdate: December 23, 1988. . . 183 years to the day after Joseph Smith, Jr.
  • A-CHAN (rhymes with "Ah Sean"), real name "Äyäkä Nishiwäki." Hairstyle varies, but often curled somewhat and in a pony tail. Usually always wearing a slightly longer skirt. Birthdate: February 15, 1989. She was the brains behind the formation of the group and the recruiter of its other members. Combined with the fact that she's the most talkative and outgoing of the three, she’s essentially the leader and spokeswoman by default.

For clarity's sake, you can click here to hear them giving the proper pronunciations of both their nicknames and given names (and digits of their birthdates, for that matter) mid-concert.

Perfume formed back in 2000 when they were pre-teens and students at Hiroshima's School of the Performing Arts. In 2003 they moved to Tokyo to follow their dreams, then experienced their national debut in 2005—all when they were still minors, amazingly enough. And the rest is history that, fortunately for all of us, is still being written.

Now, ON TO THE MUSIC. I tried to get the actual music video whenever one was available for each song listed below. Sometimes they simply didn’t make a corresponding video, of course, in which case I looked for some fan-made video that featured movement of some sort rather than a static image. Other times I used concert footage, but never fear; Japanese concerts typically spare no expense to put on the most impressive spectacle humanly possible. Plus they go to great pains to get the sound as close to the original as possible. Also, in my opinion, sometimes the concert footage is actually better than the album version and I indicate when it happens.

Although I think nearly all of these songs are good, I label some “BETTER” if they’re, uh, better than usual, “VERY GOOD” if they stand out from the rest even more, and “EXCELLENT” if they are must-listens or among my personal favorites. Your opinions may vary, of course, so definitely sample as many of them as you can. I also added translations of the non-English titles along with commentary when I think it’s merited.

(Note: If you’d rather not endure the hassle of clicking on each of the following links individually, I compiled a YouTube playlist that contains all of the songs listed in the next few posts, in order. . . everything in one easy location. Click on:

. . . then click the “Play all” button.)
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Re: Meet PERFUME, MDB's official Japanese Electro-pop group!!

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The Early Years

These are their songs--and the accompanying videos, where available--from their much earlier, pre-album days (mostly). You can tell by their ages just how long they've been performing together.

  1. OMAJINAI★ペロリ (“Gulping a good luck charm”) This was Perfume’s first actual single, released only a year after they formed. Still, not bad at all for a trio their age. At the end they’re each introducing themselves. Subtitled!
  2. 彼氏募集中 (“I’m Looking for a Boyfriend“) This must have been filmed at their junior high talent show. FUN FACT: They revisited this song during a concert in their adulthood, well over a decade later, duplicating the exact same dance moves as before. It’s cute seeing them briefly resurrect their original “style,” such as it was. You can see it here.
  3. シークレットメッセージ ("Secret Message") This must've been performed at a local mall when they were no older than, say, 13.
  4. カウンターアトラクション (“Counter Attraction“) EXCELLENT This is overlaid on footage of what I think was their first bona-fide concert, albeit a local one. The bells give it an almost Christmas-y feel. The bass along with their voices makes for a near-perfect combination. This is another one I can listen to over and over. WARNING: The chorus is extremely catchy. Don’t be surprised if you find it stuck it in your head for the next day or so.
  5. スーパージェットシューズ ("Super Jet Shoes") Recorded at the same concert as "Counter Attraction," immediately above. Not at all bad for performers their age (at the time).
  6. おいしいレシピ (“Delicious Recipe”) BETTER Yet a third video from the magical concert that gave us the videos to "Counter Attraction" and "Super Jet Shoes," above.
  7. エレベーター (“Elevator”) I’m pretty sure it was filmed in the dorm in which they were staying after their move to Tokyo.
  8. アキハバラブ (“Akihaba Love”) VERY GOOD
  9. イミテーションワールド ("Imitation World") One of their earliest singles.
  10. 伝説のスタフィー3 ("The Legend of Stafy III") Their minute-long performance during the closing credits of the Game Boy game of the same name. To say that they've, uh, advanced a bit since this would be an extreme understatement.
  11. キューティーハニー ("Cutie Honey") an extremely rare piece, performed when they were only 16. The video unfortunately cuts out a bit prematurely.
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Re: Meet PERFUME, MDB's official Japanese Electro-pop group!!

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The Albums


(Yes, it really is subtitled “complete best” even though it was their first album. This is because it’s a collection from among many other previous independent singles of theirs which feature primarily in Part II, above.)

  1. パーフェクトスター・パーフェクトスタイル (“Perfect Star, Perfect Style”)
  2. リニアモーターガール (“Linear Motor Girl”)
  3. コンピューターシティ (“Computer City”)
  4. エレクトロ・ワールド (“Electro World”) BETTER This song's corresponding special effects made it the one that impressed me the most during their concert in San Jose, so it now has a special place in my heart.
  5. 引力 ("Gravity") This was performed in an Apple store, of all places, back in August of 2006. What a difference 13 years makes, eh?
  6. モノクロームエフェクト (“Monochrome Effect”) FUN FACT: This song was sampled in the May the Best Stan Win episode of American Dad! that aired February 14, 2010.
  7. ビタミンドロップ (“Vitamin Drop”)
  8. スウィートドーナッツ (“Sweet Donuts”) Obviously an extremely early video of theirs. Upbeat and fun.
  9. ファンデーション ("Foundation") The name doesn't refer to the base of a building; it refers to fixing one's makeup to obscure the tears brought on from a break-up.
  10. コンピューター ドライビング (“Computer Driving”) Another static image, but the sound quality is better than the concert footage I found (which is here if you’re curious).
  11. Perfume VERY GOOD Their eponymous song, of course.
    Incredibly energetic and upbeat.
  12. Wonder 2

Album #2 -- "GAME"

  1. ポリリズム (“Polyrhythm”) Their original breakout hit, the one that started it all and cemented their future. It was sampled in a nationwide recycling campaign whose commercials were seen all over the country, giving them their first wide exposure.
  2. Plastic Smile BETTER
  3. Game BETTER Concert footage, but they use replica lightsabers partway through, so they’re forgiven.
  4. Baby Cruising Love
  5. チョコレイト・ディスコ (“Chocolate Disco”) Although “Polyrhythm” was their first major hit, I think this is the song and video that made Perfume a household name.
  6. マカロニ (“Macaroni”) One of their few bona-fide slow songs. Which is a good thing, since in my experience other Japanese and Korean groups often rely on slow slongs as “filler” to increase their albums’ song count. Not that this counts as one of those, of course.
  7. セラミックガール (“Ceramic Girl”)
  8. Take Me Take Me
  9. シークレットシークレット (“Secret Secret”) EXCELLENT This is the song and video I use to introduce Perfume to newcomers.
  10. Butterfly EXCELLENT This is a video that they put on the jumbotrons during the intermissions of one particular concert tour.
  11. Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
  12. Puppy love Concert footage, but the audio is quite good.

Album #3 -- "TRIANGLE"

  1. Take Off A two-minute intro. to something else (I'm not sure what), but pretty cool nonetheless.
  2. Love the World
  3. Dream Fighter
  4. Edge VERY GOOD The video is a mix of iconic concert performances of this song. Clocking in at 7:09, it may be their longest song, but it’s definitely worth the time. They performed a scaled-down--but nonetheless epic--version of this song at Southern California’s “Coachella” music festival in 2019.
  5. Night Flight
  6. Kiss and Music
  7. Zero Gravity BETTER Sweet & dreamy; see if it doesn't bring back the feeling of a perfect summer evening from long ago.
  8. I still love U VERY GOOD This is one of the rare videos in which they don’t dance. FUN FACT: During this particular take, at the 3:10 mark, the producers sneak up and tickle the girls’ feet unmercifully, off-camera and entirely unrehearsed. It’s quite funny to watch them try their hardest (and often fail!) to maintain poker faces and stay in character in spite of it. Someone must have a good sense of humor, ‘cause that was the take they actually use in this video! Very funny stuff. If you'd like to watch an English-subtitled concert version, wherein you'll see how good the lyrics are, it's here.
  9. The Best Thing A fan-made video using footage from "What Is Disco?", below.
  10. Speed of Sound It's hard to describe this one.
  11. ワンルーム・ディスコ (“One Room Disco”) BETTER Subtitled concert footage is here.
  12. 願い (“Wish”) Another slow song, if you like those (or even if you don’t, I guess).

Album #4 -- "JPN"

(“JPN” is the three-letter Olympic Games code for “Japan.”)

  1. The Opening A brief instrumental musical intro. to their third album and a radical departure from their usual style.
  2. レーザービーム (“Laser Beam”) An alternate version of this video, wherein they get into a fight with a polar bear, is here. They later admitted that the polar bear thing was the director’s idea and they still have no idea what it was supposed to represent!
  3. Glitter I think I like their outfits in this one the best.
  4. ナチュラルに恋して (“Love Naturally”; using “love” as a verb, not a noun) BETTER
  5. My Color A fan-made video using a montage of clips from various concerts. Includes freestyle shout-outs from A-chan in English! Subtitled!
  6. 時の針 Literally "needle of time," but most likely meaning "hand of a clock." A departure from their usual electropop, this sounds akin to a lullaby by which you'd sing a child to sleep.
  7. ねぇ (“Hey”) EXCELLENT The camera work and the girls’ fancy footwork make this an essentially perfect video. More importantly, I love the song itself so much that I’ve been known to listen to it over and over.
  8. 微かなカオリ (“Delicate Fragrance”)
  9. 575 The name refers to the number of syllables in a haiku poem, and the song itself follows the format as well. They get as close to bona-fide “rapping” here as they ever do. Subtitled!
  10. Voice BETTER This video required some very precise choreography, as you’ll see.
  11. 心のスポーツ (“Sports of the Heart”) A fan-made video consisting of clips from their other videos, but it’s the best I could do.
  12. Have a Stroll
  13. 不自然なガール (“Unnatural Girl”) The only video in which they incorporate other dancers.
  14. スパイス (“Spice”)


  1. Enter the Sphere EXCELLENT A crowd-rousing mega-anthem. It doesn’t really work in any format but concert footage, so here it is. The sort of song you’d play at full blast for an army before sending it into battle.
  2. Spring of Life VERY GOOD By way of trivia, this is the very first song and video of theirs that I discovered. I thought it was cool, so I bookmarked it, then searched on their name for more, and the rest is history.
  3. Magic of Love BETTER A cool video.
  4. Clockwork EXCELLENT Concert footage. The seamless harmonization of their voices makes this damn near a perfect song. Subtitled!
  5. 1mm
  6. 未来のミュージアム (“Museum of the Future”) VERY GOOD Fun & playful, as the video will attest as well.
  7. Party Maker EXCELLENT A rousing crowd anthem of similar epic-ness as "Enter the Sphere," above. You can see just what an intense concert experience they give their audience.
  8. ふりかえるといるよ ("Look back and I'll be there") Subtitled!
  9. ポイント (“Point”) The video in the background is a compilation of behind-the-scenes takes and clips of them from T.V. and commercials. I daresay the video is better than the song.
  10. だいじょばない (“I’m not Okay”) The album version overlaid on a mashup of concert performances (of this song).
  11. Handyman VERY GOOD Subtitled! It's concert footage, so the bass isn't as distinguishable as in the album version, but their dance moves in this one are among their very best, in my opinion.
  12. Sleeping Beauty EXCELLENT Another video specifically for the jumbotron during intermissions at one tour or another. Not only is the song itself fantastic, but it’s one of their best actual videos—or at least their most technologically advanced, in my opinion.
  13. Spending All My Time EXCELLENT Almost entirely in English, so that should help. Even so, an extremely good song in its own right.
  14. Dream Land Concert footage, but the audio is very good. Their costumes are a sight to behold, too. Subtitled! IF YOU CLICK ON NO OTHER LINK, CLICK ON THIS ONE, because it perfectly encapsulates what Perfume is all about.


  1. Navigate The two-minute instrumental introduction.
  2. Cosmic Explorer VERY GOOD. It's a fan-made video; a mash-up of probably all their other videos as of June 2016, making it quite awesome to behold. Subtitled!
  3. Miracle Worker
  4. Next Stage with YOU
  5. Story Another concert introduction or intermission piece.
  6. Flash
  7. Sweet Refrain One of the only times that Kashiyuka’s hair is in a pony tail and not A-chan’s. A very well-made video.
  8. Baby Face A static image, but it's the best I can do.
  9. Tokimeki Lights A fan made video that features quite a bit of rare footage--sort of like with Hurly Burly, below--some of it in the United States. Worth watching.
  10. Star Train The theme of this video is one of nostalgia for their past.
  11. Relax in the City Ironically, they’re never in the city at any point in the video.
  12. Pick Me Up BETTER By way of trivia, the guys at the beginning are the American group "OK Go," who collaborated with Perfume for the single "I Don't Understand You," below. OK Go returned the favor by putting Perfume in the first few seconds of their video "I Won't Let You Down."
  13. Cling Cling This video has a Chinese theme.
  14. Hold Your Hand A mostly crowdsourced video. . . which is a unique approach. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it.


  1. Start-Up (No video yet, unfortunately.)
  2. Future Pop Showcasing their never-ending creativity, this video hybridizes animation with live-action, creating a VERY cool effect. You'll love it!
  3. If You Wanna A departure from their typical style, it incorporates elements of the "future bass" genre.
  4. Tokyo Girl
  5. Fusion More of a performance than a song, its name refers to the fact that it was filmed at precisely the same time, but at different locations around the globe--A-chan in Tokyo at 21:01:39 local time, Kashiyuka in London at 12:01:39 local time, and Nocchi in New York at 07:01:39 local time. The footage was then spliced together in rotating and interlocking patterns to create a single video. Cool concept, eh?
  6. Tiny Baby
  7. Let Me Know Another single from their album "Future Pop" which released on August 15, 2018.
  8. Chorarin (Romanized spelling of “超来輪,” or “Ultra Future Loop.”)
  9. 無限未来 ("Infinite Future") For trivia purposes, the video was filmed on Guam.
  10. 宝石の雨 ("Rain of Jewels") Contains lots of behind-the-scenes clips.
  11. Tenku (Romanized spelling of “天空,” or “Sky.”)
  12. Everyday Cute & adorable.
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Re: Meet PERFUME, MDB's official Japanese Electro-pop group!!

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The Bonus Goodness

These consist of independent singles, B-sides, one-off concert performances, commercials, etc.—pretty much anything from their adulthood that wasn’t released on an album for whatever reason. Much of it is exceptionally good, so if you weren’t impressed enough with the above offerings, perhaps there's something here that will finally convert you to fan-dom or otherwise bring you into Perfume world.

In addition, more singles are bound to be released in the future prior to their corresponding albums, so those will be posted here as they are released.

  1. Perfumeの最初の掟 ("The First Rules of Perfume") BETTER I don't know what this is from, but it sounds like the intro. to something else. Still, if you can crank the bass up, it's pretty catchy. The full and extended 10+ minute version is here.
  2. 透明人間 ("Invisible Man") Subtitled!
  3. Atmospheric Entry EXCELLENT Perfume allowed the Uniqlo company to adapt this instrumental into three 30-second commercials for its Heattech winter clothing line. Another enterprising YouTuber combined them into one video, which is far better than the static version, in my opinion (which is available here).
  4. Hurly Burly Rather catchy.
  5. Lovefool One of their thankfully very few covers. I very much dislike it when bands do this, so I’m glad Perfume almost never does.
  6. Seventh Heaven Subtitled!
  7. 恋は前傾姿勢 (“Love is Stumbling Forward“ [?]) I could be quite wrong on the translation. More concert footage, but there wasn’t any decent alternative.
  8. 23:30 More like lounge music, but a lot of candid "home footage" is overlaid on it, so that's cool.
  9. Fake It BETTER, thanks to the chorus.
  10. Display BETTER A rather interesting video featuring simultaneous multi-footage overlays (if that makes any sense), similar to “Fusion,” above. Concert footage is here.
  11. I Don't Understand You This is a collaboration with the American all-male group "OK Go," so it's a noticeable departure from their usual style. Almost entirely in English.
  12. いじわるなハロー (“Cruel Hello”) BETTER Concert footage, but quite well executed.
  13. コミュニケーション (“Communication”) BETTER I really dig their dance moves in this one.
  14. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 EXCELLENT The name refers to the fact that they’d released 11 official singles by that time and the fact that they were beginning their 11th year together as a group. This link consists of a jumbotron video, followed by an introduction (as though one was even necessary) of the members, followed by performance art-esque routines by each of them individually, followed by a unified performance. This clip features music that wasn’t to be had anywhere else but in this concert. It’s rather long, but definitely worth it.
  15. Episode 0 VERY GOOD Pure audio played before a concert got started. No actual singing, but it's still pretty darn cool.
  16. ジェニーはご機嫌ななめ (“Jenny’s in a Bad Mood”) VERY GOOD Another concert but with crowd participation. The crowd is shouting out each singer’s name after she sings a line. Subtitled! A VERY early performance of this song by them is here. Adorable-ness overload! Watch for Nocchi's hat, and her reaction, in the last couple of seconds.
  17. Butterfly + Sleeping Beauty, MASHUP VERY GOOD Astute listeners may have noticed how similar the songs “Butterfly” and “Sleeping Beauty” (both linked above) are to each other. An enterprising YouTube uploader did as well and overlaid one on top of the other and, fortunately for us, provided it for our listening pleasure. It works surprisingly well and may be greater than the sum of its parts.
  18. What is Disco? A jumbotron video played during a concert intermission.
  19. Japan Music Video Awards 2012 (1-minute commercial) Hopefully the title is descriptive enough. Their outfits are SWEET. Samples of this were used by a fan to create the artificial video for "My Color," above. HIGHLIGHT: When you watch this, you'll be shocked and amazed by how well they can hold their balance.
  20. コンピューターおばあちゃん ("Computer Grandma") This was performed as part of a kid's show. . . thankfully proving that they're not elitist enough to consider themselves above such things. Subtitled!
  21. ナナナナナイロ ("seven-seven-seven-seven-seven colors;" a reference to the number of colors in a rainbow.)
  22. Challenger This is a unique one: It was originally recorded back in 2003 or so as the group's first collaboration with the guy who would become their full-time producer as a sort of "let's see if this is a good fit" experiment. It lay forgotten in the dusty archives until it was rediscovered and resurrected in late 2019. They experimented again by soliciting ideas for a music video from the worldwide public--although I entered, my idea wasn't chosen, sadly. The winner was an 11 year-old Japanese boy; the banter you see during the end credits consists of him pitching his idea to the band & crew and him being on set for the first day of filming.
  23. 再生 ("Regeneration") At certain points the video cleverly cuts to samples from all of their previous music videos, capturing each of them singing a single syllable, then overlaying those micro-clips to the corresponding syllables in this new song--creating great nostalgia. You'll know what I mean when you watch it.
  24. できるかなテーマ ("Can I Do It?" theme) The opening credits song from a T.V. show, sung by our favorite ladies.
  25. Chrome A music-only "filler" track during an interlude within each stop of their 20-year anniversary commemorative concert tour of February 2020.
  26. Perfume - Time Warp Playing homage to the title of the song, the video appears to speed up, slow down, and reverse time throughout itself. The "making of" video shows how, in one spot, they recorded themselves at 1/3 time, then for the video itself they sped it up three times (1/3 x 3 = 1), with the end result looking like stop-motion animation, akin to the cyclops and dragon scene in the old "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" movie from the 60s--a very cool and fun effect.
  27. Polygon Wave This is quite experimental. I'd describe it as 70s disco meets vocaloid.
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Re: Meet PERFUME, MDB's official Japanese Electro-pop group!!

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The Concerts

The following list consists of four of their full-length concerts, from oldest to newest. Culminations of everything for which they work so hard, you can see that they spare no effort or expense to give their audience the best experience humanly possible. You'll also see the march of their considerable technological acumen go from average to breathtaking:

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